I fooound it I foooound it (in my best Land Before Time voice)

How fast can two sickies hike 9 km up and down the rocky coast, through the jungle, leaving time to find starfish and squishy black things?

A. They can’t their lungs are too inflamed

B. 9 hours. 1 hour/km is doable

C. Those girls are amazing and could do it in less than 4 hours

D. 2 days, they’d bring a tent, camp out and take their time to enjoy it

Drum roll please…..

If you picked option C you are correct and for having such great faith in and loving support for Jamie and I, you get our undying love in return, and maybe we’ll make you a pie or cookies. We’ve gotten quite good at making treats during the South African winter. What else do y0u do when it gets dark at 5:30 and it’s chilly? MAKE TREATS. I was supposed to be able to better fit into my bridesmaid dress when we got back to Utah but I don’t think that’s going to happen, but that’s another blog post.

Back to the intense hike of the day. We went to this place called the Kranshoek coastal hike a few weeks ago, and after we got back to the car, realized we went the wrong way and wanted to go back. Today was Kranshoek’s lucky day. We had also taken a billion pictures and then realized the memory card was full so none of them were saved. BUMMER and a half. Luckily we broke our camera so we couldn’t take pictures this time either (insert sarcastic voice for that one).

We got to the trail head around 12:30 and had to be back to the car by about 3:30 so that Liz could go visit with some amigos. The trail starts off going down the jungle along a waterfall and small river. The rivers here (the few we have seen) are brown Coca Cola color, make me very very thirsty!

After hiking down a gigantica mountainside, through the jungle/forest we reached to coast. It was interesting to hear the sounds of a river, forest, and an ocean at the same time. We stopped by the rocks and found some adorable little starfish. They were the cutest little buggers. There were tons of sea slugs and mussels too. There were also some weird black round squishy things. Not sure what those were.

Kranshoek coast

Then we booked it the rest of the way, up and down and up and down and up and down over and over again. The coast here is amazing, or as South Africans would say “It’s just STUNNING!!!”. I will find a picture online right quick….

As we were walking Jamie said “hey look at that black thing running up the trail” It looked like some sort of monkey but couldn’t tell from where we were. As soon as we got to where we saw the monkey (cue the Ellen DeGeneres voice about pictures of Jesus)  we saw piles of monkey poop everywhere! Didn’t see anymore monkeys though, they must be really good at hiding

After we finally made it back to the very top of the mountain we stopped and I peeled an orange as  fast as my trembling, fat like sausage fingers (from the heat) could peel. I walked down the trail a ways to look for whales and dolphins (as I always do from a good watching site) and then BAM there it was.  That surge of water coming from the whale’s blow hole all the pamphlets told me to look for. My insides were bursting with memories of Land Before Time, Sarah the triceratops singing “I fooound it, I foound it!” I yelled to Jamie. “Hurry come over here!” When she didn’t come or respond, I yelled again, “Hurry come quick!” I’m sure she thought I was dying or something, oops. Next time I’ll just yell whale, like the squirrel dog in Up. We watched for about 10 minutes and saw it a couple more times. It looked huge from where we were. I’m pretty much the happiest kid at Disneyland tonight. All of my South African dreams have come true.

We basically ran the rest of the way to get back in time, but we made it just in time to find Hannes and Liz playing with horse poop. It sure was a poopy day. Next time we head out for a 9km hike I think we’ll shoot for more than 3 hours. We like to stop and play too much to be fast hikers.

I took a picture just like this last time

the coast



2 responses to “I fooound it I foooound it (in my best Land Before Time voice)

  1. Love this post, I love poo, and miss you both! Can’t wait for LR reuniting… All best on the rest of your trip,

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